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Save the DRUMS! Mine actually float!

So... this is the best representation of ME...right now! After the last week, Hamburg Percussion has experienced three occurances of flood waters. Thursday was the killer at 6 inches in the basement where the studio and the DRUMS are! All is dry now, Serv Pro has removed the bottom foot of my sanctuary, sump pump is installed, and State Farm is writing a check! We are very fortunate that losses were not worse. But, the emotional challenge that you deal with cannot be described. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost much more!

It will be a couple weeks until I am back in the blogging grove, but I am looking forward to plans to make the studio and my office extra special!

A special THANK YOU to Hamburg Fire Department for cutting the power and pumping out the water. I am very thankful for all these volunteers! Also, a thank you to our family that came right over to grab everything low and toss it upstairs! As I arrived to the nightmare, I just yelled down the stairs, "SAVE THE DRUMS!" And believe it or not, mine actually float!

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