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How can I allow an event like the RUSH R40 Concert come to Buffalo without "at least" acknowledging? attended the event at First Niagara Center on the evening of June 10th, 2015, but I am hoping it is not our last opportunity to see Neil Peart touring. After the announcement that Neil has chronic tendonitis ( the concert became a "must see." Plus, I took the opportunity to introduce my youngest daughter (the fourth generation drummer in the Thompson family!) to the true genius of the three musicians on the stage. We enjoyed our Soft Serve and watched fans of all ages enter the arena! Mostly middle aged men and their wives, but we were happy to see families with multiple kids scurry to find their seats. I have not missed a RUSH Tour since they began back in the late 70's, and it was an exceptional Dad/Daughter evening! Expecially for two drummers!

My oldest daughter asked me, "Why do you like RUSH so much?" After some careful thought, this is what I came up with! "Only a drummer knows how Neil Peart makes what is impossible to play look very easy. You may not like their music, but all three musicians are genius in what they perform!"

So, after a stop for a sovenir RUSH R40 shirt, we headed home after a long but memorable night. My daughter insisted on wearing the shirt to school the next day. I will remember her smiles and excitement with each passing song while standing on her seat to see over all the standing adults. Lemonaid and peanuts for refreshments. Finishing her homework in the car as we sat in traffic leaving the arena.

I had the opportunity to see Buddy Rich in concert when I was 15. Be sure to introduce these incredible musicians before they are gone! Take the time to SHARE your passion for music with your kids!

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